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Terms and Conditions of Website Agreement

Wheat Grass Restaurant Company


At the beginning, we would like to welcome you to the website of Wheat Grass Restaurant Company. Kindly fill out the registration form and then agree to the terms and conditions of Wheat Grass Website Agreement, and then you can order our products under this agreement.

The terms and conditions contained in this agreement are specific to Wheat Grass website on the various devices connected to the Internet browser.

Wheat Grass reserves the right to change, amend, delete and add to all terms and conditions of the agreement at any time pursuant to future updates, without any need for any notice. The users of the Wheat Grass Website must read the agreement every time when they log in to the website, and the users will be subject to the provisions of the agreement in force at that time.

If you breached any provision of this Agreement, the person who caused the damage shall be obligated to compensate Wheat Grasse against all material and moral losses incurred.

Our Commitment to Quality: 

Wheat Grass website displays all or some of Wheat Grass products, their prices, brief summary and delivery. You can order through the application and pay through credit cards.

Wheat Grass adheres to the laws, regulations, rules, standards and criteria applied in the State, such as laws and regulations related to the preparation, sale, marketing and safety of food.

Organic products are prepared in full from ingredients bearing the organic label, bearing in mind that they are not certified by an official authority.

In addition, vegetarian products are prepared from plant ingredients, bearing in mind that they are not certified by an official authority.

Membership Conditions:

Everyone is responsible for the registration procedures for logging into Wheat Grass website.

To register on the site, you must choose your own username, and no other user will be able to choose a previously reserved username.

It is not permitted to impersonate a persona or other entity that is not identical to the user, and the username must not be contrary to public morals, good behavior and laws.

The user alone specifies the password and he can change this password. No other person can view your password.

Each user is responsible for his membership, and the protection of his data and his use, and the purchase process and payment of the value thereof.

The user guarantees that the phone number and address are correct, and he will make the necessary update, if changed.

Wheat Grass cares about the privacy of members and does not share the registration information with any other party, except the address and phone number, which will be sent to the delivery representative.

The user is responsible for all actions of his membership, and he is responsible for the people who use his membership pursuant to the provisions of Wheat Grass agreement. Log in to the website is considered an agreement from their part on the provisions of the agreement and they shall adhere to the same.

Guardians of users under the age of 18 years must read and agree on this agreement before using the website.



You can choose from Wheat Grass products available on the website and determine the quantity you need, and enter your phone number and address. In the next step, you review the order before placing your order, as you are not able to change the order after placing it. When we receive your order, you will receive an email sating that we have received your order successfully and it is being processed at the restaurant.

Delivery Service:

The user enters the phone number and the address and saves them on the site, and he is responsible for the correctness of his data. The user can enter several addresses and the order will be delivered only to the address specified in the order, noting that the address cannot be changed after the order is approved.

If the customer is not present when the delivery representative arrives at the specified address, the order will not be delivered to any other address. In this case, the customer will receive the order from the store, and the delivery fees will not be refunded.

If the customer does not answer on the calls of the delivery representative, or the bell and go out to receive the order, the delivery representative will wait for 15 minutes only and then return the order to the store. In this case, the customer will receive the order from the store, and the delivery fees will not be refunded.

Delivery is made on the same day, especially orders before 3 pm and sometimes within three days, not including Friday and official holidays. The delivery time may be affected by factors beyond our control, and we will inform you if we become aware of any unexpected delay.

Our products are delivered through a delivery company not affiliated to Wheat Grass Restaurant Company. The delivery price is not fixed and is determined according to the delivery area, in accordance with the prices agreed upon with the delivery company.

Notes Field:

In this field, you can record any additional notes related to the products, address, or delivery and we will commit to them as possible. Any complaint not recorded in this field will not be accepted.

Amending or Canceling the Order:

You can amend your order within 5 minutes after applying via WhatsApp No. 90907505 by sending the order number or copy of the invoice and the required amendment to the items, quantities, or address, and the invoice will be amended accordingly.

You can cancel your order within 5 minutes after applying via WhatsApp No. 90907505 by sending the order number or copy of the invoice and the word cancel, and the value of the order will be refunded in cash from the store.

Wheat Grass Website has the right to amend or cancel the order if it becomes unavailable, and we will notify you of the same via WhatsApp or a phone call, and refund the value of the order in cash or deposit the same in your account, as possible to the company.

Product Return:

The products are returned according to the returning conditions of the restaurants, as applicable in State of Kuwait. No return of any product due to any additional note not mentioned in Note Field will be accepted.

Payment Methods:

Payment is available on Wheat Grass website by credit cards: KNet, Visa and MasterCard. Regarding cash payment, it is available only in the store.

Online payments are handled by online payment service providers.

Wheat Grass website has the right to provide any other payment methods not currently available, or withhold any payment methods currently available.

Online payment service providers may retain customer card information for subsequent orders, without the need to enter credit card information for each payment process.

The customer is always obligated to ensure sufficient balance at the card to pay the value of the order before making the payment. The customer is also obligated to use the card within the allowed credit limit of the card.

The member undertakes to use his own credit cards or third parties credit card, provided that he is legally permitted by the cardholder to use it.

The customers using credit card payment service are required to be available through their contact numbers.

Refund Policy:

Wheat Grass takes customer satisfaction very seriously. If there are any notes on the quality of the order, please contact us through WhatsApp No. 90907505 or 50926644, or calling 90907505, and we will help you as much as possible. We will refund the whole amount or part thereof according to the following cases:

If you do not receive the order or received an incorrect order, the full amount will be refunded. If there are parts missed from your order, we will refund part of the amount equivalent to this missed part. In all cases, we will do our best to ensure your satisfaction with the Wheat Grass service.

No refund will be made in the event of additional notes on the product not mentioned in the Notes Field.

The refund process to the customer’s account may take 2-7 working days. If the refund of the amount is delayed, the customer shall follow up with the bank directly. We will send an email to the customer containing a copy of the printed refund notice for reference if he wishes to follow-up with the bank.


Prohibited Activities:

Wheat Grass website is intended for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial interests or other purpose.

Prohibited activities include, without limitation, as follows:

- Misusing or causing damage to Wheat Grass website, or impeding its operation in any way, or performing illegal operations not complying with the applicable laws and regulations.

- Collecting, copying, extracting or monitoring any content from the site to create or establish a database or the like.

- Extracting, collecting, or using any information about the members to contact and send them text messages, e-mail, or advertisement, or to sell or harass any user in any way.

- Harassing, annoying, intimidating or threatening Wheat Grass through any means of communication, and for any of Wheat Grass Restaurant’s employees or those involving in providing any of the services in cooperation with Wheat Grass.

- Attempting to log into the website illegally, by hacking or by spider, web crawler, extraction software or any other means.

Rights of the Company:

Wheat Grass website has the right to implement or delete all or some of the orders made by members, and Wheat Grass will not be responsible for the implementation and deletion procedures.

Wheat Grass owns the intellectual property and copyright arising from the ownership of the information, documents, software, designs, graphics, etc., which it produces or is purchases from third parties.

Wheat Grass website has the right to publish any information, documents, software, designs, graphics, etc. (such as letters, notices, reports / news, files sent to bulletins), and upload the same to the system or export them to another appropriate place on the website.

This website may be unavailable at times for maintenance and updating operations. In this case, Wheat Grass accepts no liability toward the members of Wheat Grass or any third party due to the temporary or complete suspension of the operation system of the website.

Intellectual Property Rights:

The content of Wheat Grass Restaurant Company website and trademark is its own property, and they ate protected by copyright, intellectual property rights in the State of Kuwait and international conventions.

The content includes, without limitation, all software, databases, functions, site designs, audio, video, text, photographs, graphics, logos, designs, headers, icons, and texts.

The content of Wheat Grass website is provided to you "as it is" for your knowledge and personal use only. You are not permitted to copy, imitate, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, or exploit this content for any other purpose whatsoever.

The users are granted a limited license to log into the Site, use the content of Wheat Grass, and download or print a copy of any portion of Wheat Grass website’s content, and you have been properly granted free access to the website only for personal and non-commercial use.

Wheat Grass reserves all rights not expressly granted to you in the Wheat Grass website and content.


Wheat Grass provides this website, content, and available products, services and materials without any undertakings or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, to the maximum extent permitted by the law.

Wheat Grass accepts no responsibility for any direct or indirect losses or damages resulting from your dealings with Wheat Grass through the website, products, services, or employees and everything related to Wheat Grass in any form whatsoever and in all types of dealings.

A person who files a lawsuit against Wheat Grass will be responsible for compensating Whit Grass against any damages that would negatively affect it, including attorneys’ fees.


In the event that any part of the present Terms of Use is deemed unlawful, void or unenforceable for any reason, then this provision will be deemed separable from the remainder of the agreement and it will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. Further, no waiver from our part will not be interpreted as a waiver of any prior or subsequent breach of any provision.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

This website agreement is subject to and interpreted according to the law, and disputes arising from any breach to the agreement will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts, and the identity or location of any person who commits any breach to the provisions of this agreement will be disclosed.

Sincerely, Wheatgrass